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The multi-purpose studio floor

The ultimate multi-purpose dance floor ideally suited for all movement activity including tap, clogging, ballet, modern, character, ballroom, jazz and flamenco. Heavy duty portable and permanent flooring for stage, touring and studio. Can handle heavy scenery and props. Surface can be treated for differing degrees of non-slip with our eco-friendly finish.

Colors available for immediate shipment

multi-purpose dance floor

Marbleized colors represented in this catalogue may not be an exact match to the actual flooring. Request sample if color match is critical.

6.56' (2 lm)
65' (20 lm)*
.08" (2 mm)
homogeneous wear layer
5.86 lbs. per yd2
(3.2 kg per sq. meter)
10% discount on full rolls.
$23. per yd2
$2.56 per sq. ft.
for custom cut lengths to the nearest foot
·100% virgin PVC
·No Lamination
·No factory finish
Up to 18 years
7 years against wear
* Full roll lengths are subject to change.
Custom colors can only be ordered in full rolls and may take up to 6-10 weeks for delivery.
Aluminum compound taps can disintegrate on flooring, leaving a black/grey residue. Click here for maintenance instructions. To avoid this residue, use aluminum or steel taps. Use TapShield or FloorShield Maintenance System to reduce problem.
Prices and discounts are in U.S. Dollars and are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include shipping and handling. Contact Local Stagestep representative for pricing in all foreign currencies.
Heavy duty, multi-purpose portable and permanent flooring. Ideal for heavy scenery, props, and percussive dance.
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